I had a dream about you last night. It just caught me off guard because I don’t really have dreams anymore. It made me think about how much I miss kissing you. And the way you’d nibble on my ear. The way you rub your hands up and down my sides slowly tracing the curves on my body. The way you bite my lip. The way you move when I kissed that certain spot on your neck. You scratching my thigh on purpose because you know it drives me wild. The way you tease. The way you like to pull me on top of you. The way you love to squeeze me and get as close to me as you could when we were done. The way your skin feels against mine. My fingers tangled in your hair. Your nails scratching down my back. How I would kiss every inch of you on my way back up. You told me yourself that I need to stop thinking back on everything. That its just making it harder for me to be okay. But its hard to. I try to not think about it. But things like this just can’t be locked in the back of my mind. So they venture there way through my brain. And they cause images in my head that play back like a movie. It keeps going. And going. And going. And going.

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